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tv   ABC 7 Morning News at 430AM  ABC  October 6, 2010 3:30am-4:00am PST

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>> have a great wednesday, everybody. ♪ in the news this wednesday morning, planes gut a house in east oakland overnight. this is the fifth time the home has burned. richmond police and firefighters unions release documents that indicate mayor gail mclaughlin says she suffered from serious psychiatric disabilities in a bankruptcy filing. the unions are strongly opposed to her re-election. >> and the oakland city council begins laying out the rules that will determine who will get one of only four permits for warehouse five marijuana farms in the city. >> here's a live look from downtown san francisco. notice the height right now. the rain is moving in. i'll show you when and where and that warmer weekend on the way. >> traffic's pretty quiet as well with a live shot of the 280 and 17 interchange.
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but there's road work going on on southbound 17 also hayward. i'll have those details coming up. >> thank you, frances. i'm jenelle wang in for eric thomas. >> i'm kristen sze. arson investigators will be back on the scene to try to determine the cause of a fire at an abandoned building in east oakland. the fires was fires reported about 11:00 last night and under control an hour later. it's the fifth time a fire has burned at that same location. several tires can be seen inside part of the building that burned. firefighters were not allowed to enter the building because of safety concerns. >> in contra costa county, investigators are trying to determine the cause of a fire at a rodeo apartment complex. a firefighter and a resident were injured but officials say neither was badly hurt. the fire started just before 8:00 last night on john street near first street. three apartments were damaged forcing six residents from their homes. the american red cross is helping them with temporary
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shelter. officials say the damage is $100,000. >> more help could be on the way for families of the deadly gas explosion in san bruno. the assembly will consider a bill to provide additional disaster relief which includes a property tax exemption. last night the san bruno city council approved a resolution to continue a local state of emergency. and the city managers says governor schwarzenegger's office is in the process of appealing a request for federal disaster declaration that was denied by fema last month. eight people were killed and 37 homes were destroyed nearly four weeks ago. damage from the disaster is estimated at $50 million. >> it's a measure to legalize m marijuana passes, only one bay area city reaps the profits. arguably the country's number one cash crop. just four permits will be rewards. and the election process went
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back to committee last night unfinished. the guidelines set for selecting the city's first pot factories. >> a company called growth tech is already working to turn this former glass company into a 57,000 square foot pot farm that could look a lot like this animation from the company's presentation. >> full capacity is 57,000 square feet. we'd probably be look sat 50 to 60 million a year. >> 179 candidates are jockeying for just four permits allowing industrialized marijuana farming. larry reid has the most industrial land in his district. >> i've got a meeting that's been requested by montel williams to meet with him this week. there are a number of serious players. >> and they're all trying to massage the process. montel williams is also appearing with council member rebecca kaplan at a fund-raiser for a mayor bid. but officially just like everyone else williams will have to submit an application selected based on points given
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out for the best business model, security plan, environmental friendliness and fair labor practices. >> it provides over 316 jobs. these jobs have an average pay of over $50,000 per worker. >> for each candidate we'll also need about a million dollars in capital just to sit at the table. >> i think it's going to weed out a lot of folks. >> in late december, six to ten finalists will be chosen and on january 20th four permits will be awarded. reporting from city hall in oakland, allen wang, abc 7 news. >> meanwhile the campaigns for and against the state proposition to legalize marijuana is reporting little cash on hand as they head into the race's final months. sponsors of proposition 19 have raised more than $2 million so far but only have about $67 left. that compares with a no on 19 campaign which raised only a
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tenth as much at $210,000. it has $74,000 left. the message was from a field poll last month. >> richmond police and firefighters union less than a month before election dade, the unions released documents showing the mayor filed for bankruptcies before she was an elected official to avoid paying $119,000 in credit card bills and student loans. in the paper, mclaughlin stated she suffered psychiatric disabilities which kept her from holding a full-time job. mclaughlin calls the revelations an attempt to undermine her re-election bid. she says her past is her own private medical history. the firefighters' union say they don't want her reelected because she opposed the hiring of three firefighters during her first term. >> an eight-year-old was abducted monday while playing in her front yard.
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police released surveillance video of the kidnapper's des stinktive chevy pickup. the driver jumped in his vehicle and chased the truck. >> at first i didn't know it was him or not but when he took off, i cut him off three times until i caught up with him and i told him, that ain't your little girl, man. >> the suspect pushed the little girl out of the truck and police arrested him a short time later. he's been identified as gregoral gonzalez. he's a known gang member and faces charges from kidnapping to sexual assault. a no bail arrest warrant is out for a man accused of ramming a stolen van into a fremont motorcycle cop. alexander diaz may have fled to the l.a. area where he's from. he's on parole for a grand theft conviction. the officer is hospitalized with severe leg injuries, a ten-year
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veteran of the fremont police department. diaz deliberately hit him after he tried to stop him monday. he dragged him into two lanes of traffic and into a light pole. >> a traffic accident with mr. diaz trying to get away by running over our police officer. >> police say diaz will be charged with attempted murder of an officer when he's caught. >> it's 4:37 now. time to get our first check with mike. yesterday he said sprinkles, a chance of rain. well, that chance found me. >> no, it didn't! but i wasn't actually going outside! let's check with meteorologist mike nicco. >> good morning to you. remember we talked about a chance of rain in the north bay during the morning commute. here it is on live doppler 7 hd barely making to saint helena. moving to the west, southwest so could catch the northern parts of marin, sonoma and napa counties over the next couple hours, less likely marin, more likely the other two.
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so don't be surprised to get a little rain there. let's talk about temperatures for the rest of us because it's pretty much dry. 49 santa rosa, low to mid-50s for most other areas. let's break down this day. you can see the showers will eventually move offshore this afternoon but more are going to redevelop. and the most likely area to see those showers with isolated thunder down around the higher elevations of the south bay and into the east bay valley. temperatures low to mid-70s in most areas. richmond, san mateo, the upper 60s. low 60s along the coast. around the monterey bay, a good chance of a shower, too, with temperatures upper 60s to near 70. inland low to mid-70s. once this passes it will just be kind of cool tomorrow. slightly warmer on friday and a big warming trend, temperatures 10 degrees warmer over the weekend. good morning, frances. how's the commute starting? >> hi, mike. starting pretty well. we had a couple of very early morning accidents but none causing any problems. what you will find though is
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road work through hayward. southbound 880 to 92. some lanes are scheduled to be blocked until about 5:00 this morning. in addition we have some of the connection ramps closed as well until 5:00 this morning. westbound 92 jackson to southbound 880 so you may want to get on at winton or past that. and also south 880 to eastbound 92 also blocked until 5:00. and as we take a quick look outside though, really no delays right now. looking pretty good and light at the bay bridge toll plaza. jenelle, kristen. >> good deal, frances. thanks a lot. it's 4:39. >> a big millstry this morning on a bay area beach. a blue whale watches on shore. still ahead, trying to figure out how it died and what to do with the carcass. a flight to hawaii using our points from chase sapphire. last minute... on christmas.
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good morning. it's 4:41. let's take a live look at the embarcadero here in san francisco. it appears dry here but mike says those of you in the north bay are seeing some sprinkles. so watch out for those. and frances will check out your commute coming up. >> more news now. more than 30 house members from california are calling on federal regulators to investigate whether mortgage companies broke the law by using paperwork in foreclosures that may have contained errors. democratic lawmakers led by south bay congress woman and nancy pelosi urged bank regulators and the justice department to look into the problem. three banks have halted foreclosures in 23 states after evidence service of employees or outside lawyers signed documents without reading them or filed inaccurate paperwork. >> in san jose county, researchers plan to take tissue samples from a rare blue whale and her fetus that washed ashore on the beach and perform a necropsy to determine how the
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whale died. the whales came ashore south of atascadero. >> it's a male, the fetus. >> the state beach is about what washed up, a massive 85 foot female blue whale. and just 50 feet away, her fetus. the whole scene is extraordinary. the last time a dead blue whale came to shore in this area was more than 30 years ago. normally the only way to see a blue whale is during a whale watching trip in the open ocean. they're too big to hold in captivity and the only blue whale skeletons on display in the state are in santa cruz and santa barbara. >> i always wanted to see the biggest animal that ever lived and it's quite a specimen. >> someone spotted the carcass saturday. researchers got their first up-close look once the bodies came up on the beach. preliminarily scientists think a propeller struck the whale which
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then likely died last week while at sea. they don't think she died giving birth. i think when the whale died, the fetus died. probably hitting the rocks or that, it ruptured and came out. >> blue whale calfs are born after 12 months . this one was six months old. no one is removing the carcass. they're planning to let nature take its course. natural and water should break it down but it could take some time. that area of the beach isn't used very often so he doesn't expect it to be a problem. in san mateo county, lisa amin gulezian, abc 7 news. >> time now 4:44. a discovery that helps give us new medicine and plastic. >> the supreme court hears arguments in a case pitting a church group against families of troops killed in war.
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to make a more powerful you. rule the air. verin >> welcome back. let's take a look at the temperatures across the lower 48. dallas up to st. louis for some warm weather moving in, 80 and 78 there. cool up in new england with low to mid-60s and we'll hit 74 in portland, 67 seattle. all is quiet at our major airports. notice still a threat of severe weather around phoenix and that could spill into los angeles. delays there and rain moving into boston. anytime you travel use our flight tracker at >> 4:47 now. the winners of the noble prize in chemistry was announced this morning in stockholm, sweden. the award is shared by american richard heck and two japanese researchers.
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they were recognized for developing a chemical method that has allowed scientists to test cancer drugs and make thinner computer screens. the world's swedish academy of sciences says their work gave man kind new medicines and revolutionary material such as plastics. the supreme court will hear arguments which raises questions about free speech and privacy. a church group that stages protests at military funerals against the family who says they have the right to mourn their son killed in iraq. >> in 2006, corporate matthew snyder died in iraq. at a funeral the grieving family was met with a demonstration like this one. >> god is your enemy! >> fred is from the west baptist church from kansas.
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they believe american soldiers are defending a sinful nation that tolerating homosexuality. >> they position themselves 30 feet from the main entrance of the church and they held signs that said god hates you. you're in hell. >> later he and his church arguing that their protest was a violation of the family's privacy and inflicted emotional damage. an appeal's court ruled the protests were protected by the first amendment. now it is up to the supreme court to decide what wins, privacy or free speech. >> a very important question in how much protection do relatively private figures have against hurtful, outrageous, insulting, emotionally aggravated speech. >> they have been unapologetic in the past. legal analysts say the pastor has a strong case.
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>> if the court rules in favor, congress could step in and pass a law restricting where protests take place without infringing on the right to do so. karen traverse, abc news, washington. >> to the california governor's race, the meg whitman campaign says she spent $140 million to send her to sacramento. nearly $120 million of that amount is the republican candidate's own money. jerry brown has spent $10.3 million. he has about $22 million in cash on hand. the two shown in a statistical tie with brown gaining momentum. >> more rain forecast today in southern california where the first measurable rainfall in the season has left thousands without power. utility crews in los angeles county have been working around the clock and restored service to more than 50,000 customers since the rainy and windy weather began on monday. in the high sierra, it was snowing! this video's from reno where
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snowplows were out and about in yesterday's storm. tahoe area ski resort operators are very excited. though this snow will probably melt away, they hope it could mean the possibility of an early season. >> check with mike. is that a predictor? >> it's supposed to be cooler than average the next couple months. precipitation's supposed to be pretty close to average. we'll keep an eye on it. it was neat though, wasn't it? >> pretty. >> and it was up there! we have to worry about wet weather, not necessarily frozen weather this morning. mainly up in the extreme parts of the north bay. let's talk about how it's fairly clear this morning as we look from ballmer peak to mount sutro there. you see off in the distance in the center of your screen. let's take a look at live doppler 7 hd. still tracking that light rain moving through the northern parts of napa county and heading towards lake mend -- mendocino
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county. let's talk about those temperatures and we're still pretty cool around santa rosa, 49. the rest of us low to mid-50s. monterey bay, temperatures low to mid-50s into salinas and 46 gilroy. we'll have a scattered shower today and even a chance of an isolated thunder. may hear thunder, may see a bolt of lightning. drying tonight, patchy clouds as there will be left over moisture and sunny and much warmer over the weekend. south bay you see low to mid-70s here. as we look on the peninsula, upper 60s to low 70s. downtown south san francisco and sausalito mid to upper 60s with low to mid-70 for your north bay valleys. upper 60s to near 70. slightly warmer in the east bay valleys with low to mid-70s. same type of temperatures from santa cruz, monterey, carmel, watsonville and salinas. the rest of the state, the bulk
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of the moisture stays to the south big sur to fresno. temperature 74. snow possible in the sierra but not nearly like what we saw yesterday. l.a. and san diego, temperatures in the upper 60s and a scattered shower possible on palm springs and 70. tonight you see the patchy clouds hanging around. upper 40s santa rosa, napa, cloverdale. low to mid-50s the rest of us. here's how the wet weather plays out. chance of showers roaming across the north bay through the morning hours. and as we head to the afternoon, you can see some of the scattered showers developing best around the santa cruz mountains and over towards mount hamilton and even creeping up into the east bay valley. by 11:00, all gone. overnight you can see fairly clear and tomorrow we'll have a mixture of sunshine and clouds but temperatures still cooler than average in most areas. in fact, a lot like today's temperatures. on friday we'll warm up about 2 to 4 degrees and then you'll notice the bigger warming trend by saturday and especially sunday. we should be 10 degrees warmer
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than today with a lot of sunshine this weekend. have a great day. here's frances. >> just in time for the blue angels. there's road work going on, mike, in the south bay. a connection ramp closed through los gatos. southbound 17 blocked until about 7:00 this morning. that's when it's scheduled to be picked up but usually it's picked up sooner than that. may be detours in place. you'll find road work on southbound 17 from 280 down to hamilton. lanes blocked until 7:00 this morning but you notice all the traffic sensors there look good. go outside real quickly and show you 680 in walnut creek. no delays through contra costa county. you can find out the latest traffic information for your route to work by going to just click on the bay area traffic link. kristen? >> frances, thanks a lot. it's 4:54. san francisco launching a first in the nation program to help kindergartners afford college
4:55 am
some day. the program introduced to youngsters in the mission district yesterday. >> all of you are going to be given a savings account so we're gonna put money aside so that when you're ready to go to college when you grow and you eat a lot and you get bigger that you'll have the resources. >> the amount is not large. just 50 to $100 depending on family income. but the idea is for private corporations and nonprofit to match the money and for parents to chip in as well. the pilot program kicks off december 1st and will serve 1200 students. >> giving the gift of life will be a lot easier in california. governor schwarzenegger allowing people to donate a kidney while they're still alive. the measure will make it easier for people to designate themselves as an organ donor. steve jobs was on hand yesterday. jobs received a liver transplant
4:56 am
last year. >> as a transplant recipient, i know how precious this gift of life is. >> the living donor registry should be up and running in six months. the governor signed a bill allowing workers to take paid time off to make a bone marrow or organ donation. >> researchers found we take an average of 5,000 steps a day. compare that to nearly 10,000 stems a day taken by australians, the walking leader it is taking a stroll and walk around the office are easy ways to get exercise. what do you think. i'll race you during the commercial break. >> these okay. i don't want to sweat this morning.
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it will mess up my hair. just ahead on abc 7 news at 5 a.m. the giants are getting ready for tomorrow's big playoff game but their highest paid player may not make the roster. >> also one talk host and some cash-heavy candidates vying for city permits. i'm theresa garcia live in oakland. these permits are for some megapot factories. we'll explain just ahead. >> a north bay school district spends a million dollars on new playgrounds. so why can't kids now use the equipment. equipment. still ahead, the problems that our points from chase sapphire preferred are worth 25% more on travel. we're like forget florida, we're going on a safari. so we're on the serengeti, and seth finds a really big bone. we're talking huge. they dig it up, put it in the natural history museum and we get to name it. sethasauraus. really. your points from chase sapphire preferred are worth 25% more on travel? means better vacations. that's incredible.
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